Nice and Quick Beauty Tips

Stress in the morning really doesn’t have to be. Start your day relaxed with our beauty tips for efficient care. Read more about how to get rid of bags under eyes for more details.

Putting a clock in the bathroom

Who does not know this:

After showering and brushing your teeth, you notice that the nail polish on one finger needs to be repaired. And then you have to pluck the eyebrow hairs, which have grown back overnight … and it’s about ten minutes past. Therefore: Place a watch in the bathroom so that it is clearly visible. A watch in your field of vision improves time management and helps you to concentrate on the essentials.

No electronics until you leave the house

Mobile phone and computer are taboo right after getting up – because they take what we have the least in the morning: Time. And nothing is so important as not being able to wait until you get to the office – or until lunch break, as far as Facebook & Co. is concerned.

Create a sequence plan for the bathroom

If there is more than one person in the household, it makes sense to arrange a fixed morning bathroom plan. This ensures peace of mind. You should also consider which parts of the morning toilet can be moved to the bedrooms, for example: make-up or hairdryers.

Prepare clothes the evening before

It is as subjective as it is devastating: the feeling of having nothing to wear. What is generally frustrating becomes stress in the morning in front of the wardrobe. It’s better to pick out your clothes the evening before, because you can at least try out new combinations and the wardrobe in peace. And has one problem less the next morning.

Use a microfibre towel

If you don’t want to do without your morning hair wash, but still want to save time, you can not only use a hairdryer, but also a microfibre towel. After all, eighty percent of the blow-drying time is lost simply to free the hair from water. The microfibre towel can do the same. While the hair is well wrapped in it, you can devote yourself to other things. A nice side effect is that the hair is less stressed.

Do without straightening irons

The use of straightening iron is time-consuming and strains the hair. Although more and more specific products counteract this, hair treated with the iron tends to dry out over a longer period of time. The solution: a professional keratin treatment. The hair receives structure, smoothness and improved protection for up to six months. The only downer: the price between 300 and 600 francs.

Do not wash your hair every day

Starting the day with freshly washed hair gives a great feeling of care, but is actually unnecessary and leads to an overactivity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. With a dry shampoo, you can delay washing your hair for a day and save valuable minutes. And hair and scalp are in balance again.

Wash pony only

It’s one of those things with the pony. It’s effective, but at the same time also a bit impractical, as it re-greases faster than the rest of the hair. The reason for this is the often greasy forehead. The solution? Just wash the pony or treat it with dry shampoo. And: Use as few styling products as possible and only touch the hair when really necessary!

Put up long hair

Sometimes there is no hair in the right place, a typical Bad Hair Day. The best way to get rid of it is to style the hair into a chignon, for example. To do this, twist the hair into a knot and fix it with hairpins. Pluck out a few more highlights and you have a casual look.

Course to the hairdresser

Every morning you have trouble controlling your hair? Then it’s worth visiting the hairdresser, because either the care and styling products or the cut don’t fit. A hairdresser can best assess the situation, give tips on care and styling or, if necessary, remedy the situation with a new cut adapted to the hair type.

Styling overnight

Hair styling does not necessarily have to take place in the morning, it can often be prepared in the evening. For example, when wild curls are desired for straight hair: Braid braids, fix with hairspray and then go to bed. The next morning, open the plaits – and the wavy mane is ready.

Brilliant achievement

Weather influences, hormonal changes, heat treatments, but also wrong care can make the hair look dull. Instead of many different products, an intensive treatment by the hairdresser is recommended in such a case. Either by means of a caring treatment or a so-called glossing. Transparent or coloured as desired, it seals the hair thanks to added care.

The result: shiny and non-slip hair for several weeks. And the first thing in the morning is peace and quiet.


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